Superhero Landing is an urban fantasy comic story created by Vasily Levanov for the most popular social-media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. 


In an alternative present where anything is possible a mentally unstable young man is buying a superhero suit with the hope that it will solve all of his problems.



Production starts on August 22, 2017, when the Pilot was shot by Vasily Levanov (Visual Organization) in association with Alexey Fargotov as a concept-art photoshoot. Friends chose to experiment with lighting and create a custom light scene for the shoot. Alexey Fargotov had joined Visual Organization shortly after KRISTINA episode was made. GANGBANG character was originally created by Vasily Levanov for Visual Organization's concept-art series and first published by VOS on July 12, 2017, three months before Superhero Landing.  

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